The shock sensors, the tilt and temperatures indicators
to the protection of parcels and shipments.

Monitoring of conditions of the transportation and handlings of cargoes.
Our sensors purpose running to the improper handling of delicate parcels or in general sensitive conditions during storage and the transportation.

Paczka bez ochronyPaczka z ochroną

Well visible labels, not large tipcats or proper devices mounted outside or inside packages control whether it came up to comings out of over-much shocks, tilts, temperatures or moistures.

The presence of this type of control- sensors exacts the proper service, and consequently eliminates the making of losses.
Using it we get the unquestionable information - the evident proof of the improper service.

Devices to the monitoring of conditions of the transportation and handlings of cargoes are every day applied on thousands of various products:

  • pharmaceuticals,
  • medical devices,
  • works of art,
  • furniture,
  • fresh products,
  • telecommunication apparatus,
  • satellite devices,
  • electronic devices,
  • military equipment and several other.

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